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Review Index


Along the Razor’s Edge (The War Eternal #1), Rob J. Hayes

Ascendant (Songs of Chaos #1), Michael R. Miller

The Assassin of Grins and Secrets (Grinning Assassin #1), K.E. Andrews


Badon Hill (The Wars of Wrath #2), I Anonymous

The Beast Hunters (The Beast Hunter of Ashbourn #1), Christer Lende

The Bindings of Woe (Chain of Worlds #1), Connor Jackson

A Bitter Drink, Azalea Forrest

Our Bloody Pearl (These Treacherous Tides #1), D.N. Bryn

Bonds of Promise (The Kallattian Cycle #1), Andrew D Meredith

The Book of Gothel, Mary McMyne


A Canticle of Two Souls (The Aria of Steel #1), Steven Raaymakers

A Canticle for the Fallen (The Aria of Steel #2), Steven Raaymakers

A Company of Adventurers (Tales of Kjeldale #1), Rune S. Nielsen

The Children of Gods and Fighting Men (The Gael Song #1), Shauna Lawless

Of Cinder and Bone (Of Cinder and Bone #1), Kyoko M.

The Citrine Key (Dragon Spirits #0.5), L.L. MacRae

The Copper Assassin (Tales of Wyvernia #1), Madolyn Rogers

The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust #1), Anna Smith Spark

The Crescent Moon (Realm of Prophets #1), E.J. Doble


Dark Hilarity (The Illuminad #1), Joseph Sale

Divinity’s Twilight: Remnant (Divinity’s Twilight #2), Christopher Russell

Dragon Mage (RivenWorld #1), M.L. Spencer

Dreamshadow, Daniel Sonderling


Exodus 20:3, Freydís Moon


Fortune’s Fool (Eterean Empire #1), Angela Boord


Goodbye to the Sun (Wind Tide #1), Jonathan Nevair

Gurzil (The Wars of Wrath #1), I Anonymous


A Handful of Souls (The Split Sea #1), Stephen Rice

The Hangman Feeds the Jackal: A Gothic Western, Coy Hall

Hellmouth, Giles Kristian

The Hidden King (The Coming of Aéd #1), E.G. Radcliff

Historias de Xuya, Aliette de Bodard

La historia triste de un hombre justo, Angel G Olmedo


Jack of Thorns (Inheritance #1), AK Faulkner


The Kheld King (The Triempery Revelations #2), L.L. Stephens

A King’s Radiance, Luke Schulz


The Last Blade Priest, W.P. Miles

The Last Sentinel (Relics of Power #1), Emma L. Adams


Magissa, Kassandra Flamouri

Memories of Blood and Shadow, Aaron S. Jones

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons (A Miss Percy Guide #1), Quenby Olson

Miss Percy’s Travel Guide to Welsh Moors and Feral Dragons (A Miss Percy Guide #2), Quenby Olson


Nexus Point (Time Rangers #1), K. Pimpinella

No Land for Heroes (Legends & Legacies), Cal Black


Old Wizards Home (Stories from the Three Kingdoms), D.G. Redd

The Old Universe (Forbidden Origins #1), Armani Salado and Eric Martinez


Perception Check (Mages of Velmyra #1), Astrid Knight

Perils of Sea and Sky, Lilian Horn

Pink Guitars and Falling Stars (Rockin’ Fairy Tales #1), Leslie O’Sullivan

A Prelude to Ashes (The Ashes of Avarin #0.5), Thiago Abdalla

Prey of the Huntress (Ships of Britannia #2), E.M. Kkoulla

Price of Innocence (Sonder’s Song #1), Michelle Piper


The Rarkyn’s Familiar (The Rarkyn’s Trilogy #1), Nikky Lee

El Rastro del Rayo, Rebecca Roanhorse


Season of Kings (The Raven’s War #1), A.J. Rettger

Seasons of Albadone (The Eighth Chant #1), Élan Marché and Christopher Warman

The Seventh Cadence (The Continua Chronicles #1), Jim Wilbourne

The Skin (Black Hind’s Wake #1), J. E. Hannaford

The Sleepless, Victor Manibo

Sordaneon (The Triempery Revelations #1), L.L. Stephens

Springtide Harvest, J.D. Mitchell

The Stars Undying, Emery Robin

The Stars Within (The Gifts of the Stars #1), Lena Alison Knight

Starbinder (Eye of Eternity #0.5), Mark Timmony

The Sword of Mercy and Wrath, NC Koussis

The Swordsman’s Intent (The Royal Champion #0.5), G.M. White

The Swordsman’s Lament (The Royal Champion #1), G.M. White

The Swordsman’s Descent (The Royal Champion #2), G.M. White


Tales of Lunis Aquaria, Tessa Hastjarjanto

Together We Burn, Isabel Ibañez

A Touch of Light (The Ashes of Avarin #1), Thiago Abdalla

The Trials of Ashmount (Tragedy of Cedain #1), John Palladino


The Fantastically Underwhelming Epic: of a dead wizard and an average bard, Kian N. Ardalan


The Wrack, John Bierce

Wrath of the Olympus (Ships of Britannia #1), E. M. Kkoulla

Of Wind and Dance (The Golden Twins #1), Leslie Griffin

Winds of the Storm (The Dunes of Aelaron #1), Aaron Bunce and Christopher Guhl

Wyrd Gods (Timelessness #1), Susana Imaginário


Zero Twist (Hybrid Helix #0), JCM Berne