Introducing: Wayward Stars – SPSFC2

It’s time for the second edition of SPSFC. And what’s SPSFC, you would ask? It stands for the Self-Published Science-Fiction Competition, hosted by Hugh Howey and Duncan Swam. The premise is simple, 300 entrants narrowed down to 1 at the end of the contest by a panel of ten judge teams. You can find more details on the official site.

We have assembled a totally new team, formed by several indie lovers and experimented reviewers, coming from the four corners of the world. Here we are, Wayward Stars.

Time to know each one of the members!

The Shaggy Shepherd
Team Captain

My name is Isabelle, though I mostly go by Shaggy in the book world (short for The Shaggy Shepherd). I am married with a baby, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a horse. I’ve been a reader my whole life, though I didn’t always read quite as much as I do now.
I’ve always loved fantasy but didn’t admit to really liking sci-fi until I read TA Bruno, Essa Hansen, Megan E. O’Keefe, and Rory August. That list itself probably tells you that my likes are all over the place. I love exploring new worlds to learn about their environments, peoples, and cultures but I also love strong character work that lets me trust in the actions of those characters. And if you throw in a morally grey character on top of that? Don’t mind if I throw that book at everything and everyone in an attempt to get them to read it.
This is my first time as a judge but I am very excited to be joining the awesome people at SPSFC to help bring some attention to self-pub books. The Indie Accords finally have given me the push to read many more self-pub books than before and I am looking forward to what’s to come!

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Lana (Lore & Lullabies)

I’m Lana, a hobby booktuber also known as Lore and Lullabies on YouTube and social media.
I’m a mum of 3 crazy fun (emphasis on crazy) kids and 2 half rag doll cats. I’ve been a reader since a young age. My first dive into science fiction was reading Animorphs as a kid and it became my personality.
In 2015 I read my first self-published book (A romantasy) by someone I went to high school with, and I have been reading and loving self-published books of all genres ever since. In 2021 I created the Indie Accords readathon which is a month dedicated to reading self-published/indie books of all genres, talking smack, and having fun.
This is my first time as a judge and I’m excited to be a part of team Wayward stars. Celebrating and showcasing self-pub books is a passion and I thank the amazing people behind the SPSFC team for bringing it back for round 2 this year. I’m looking forward to reading some fantastic Sci-Fi.

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My name is Rai (they/he) and I’ve been a big SFF reader ever since I was a kid: many teenage weekends were spent standing in front of the Sci-fi & Fantasy section of the local bookshop! My sci-fi interest started off with TV shows like Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Farscape, and Firefly. I later delved into reading SF and some authors I’ve loved over the years including Philip K. Dick, Becky Chambers and James S.A. Corey. My favourite subgenres/tropes are space opera, sci-fantasy, space horror, and cozy, found family, slice-of-life style novels.
I have been reading and reviewing for a number of years, quietly by myself, and this year have started reviewing with Grimdark Magazine, BookNest, and Black Dragon Books. I have my own blog and you can catch me rambling about books on both Twitter and Instagram. I’ve joined SPSFC as I’m keen to expand my SF horizons and get more familiar with the self-pub scene within the genre… and it seems like it’s going to be a blast! I live with my partner and two cats in the UK and have aspirations to enter the competition as an author one day too.

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My name is Tessa and I’ve been a book blogger for a few years. I’ve also been a panelist on the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award. This is my first year as a judge for SPSFC (spaceface?!). I love the indie community but I’m still relatively new to the science-fiction genre. I’m entering with an open mind, ready to learn and love.

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My name is Trinity, though most people call me Trin. I am married with one adopted son and one fur baby. I was convinced I didn’t like sci-fi for the longest time. It didn’t dawn on me until a few years ago that I love sci-fi. Mass Effect and Star Wars being some of my favorite of the genre. Since then I’ve found the works of Andy Weir, Essa Hansen, and many others. I love action-packed, plot-driven books in general. Sci-fantasy takes the cake though.
I have been reviewing books for eight years. I started on my blog but now I review books on my YouTube channel, PortableMagic. I also moderate on the SFF Oasis discord.

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Hey, my name is Javi but you can call me Jamedi. I’ve always been an avid reader, especially since I got into the speculative fiction territory. I love to shout out about books I like and why you should read them, and I think that’s part of why I decided to join as SPSFC2 judge, so I could help in the search for more hidden gems.
Outside of books, I’ve studied medicine degree, my main hobby is mountain biking, and probably I listen to more music than I should. Spanish, but travel lover.

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  1. […] The Self-Publishing Science Fiction Contest is a whole different beast from BBNYA and their methods of picking a winner are really different. For me, not much changes. I read the first parts of a few allocated books and give a yes, no, or not my style. This will add up to the other team members’ reading and the best few will continue on. Each team is assigned 30 books out of the 300 submitted, and I was given ten titles for initial judging. I’ve started reading already but I won’t give you my thoughts just yet. Check out the full list on my team leader’s blog! If you’re curious who else is on the team, check out Jamedi’s post! […]

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